Randy Travis DUI footage released

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/CNN) — A federal judge has denied a request by country singer Randy Travis to stop the state of Texas from releasing footage of him naked and ranting during a 2012 DUI arrest.

The ruling on a request for an injunction issued Thursday paves the way for the Texas Department of Public Safety to release the footage, which was requested through an open records request.

Travis crashed his Trans Am near Tioga, and troopers say his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit. He was sentenced to probation and rehab.

In a lawsuit to keep the footage private, attorneys said he got drunk and naked because he was worn out from his busy concert schedule. In the video, Travis can be seen running, naked, from deputies at one point. He also said he didn't want to go to the hospital.

"Mr. Travis, You hit pretty hard over there," one can be heard saying.

"I'm as fine as a damn dandy," Travis replied in the video. He later told a trooper "I pray to God that [the trooper] will have a cancerous growth that infects his bones and every part of his body."

Travis' family has been in a long legal battle to stop the release of the footage and argued in a federal filing that it should be considered private under health record privacy regulations. But the judge said he did not show a substantial likelihood of success on the claims.

The Country Music Hall of Fame singer suffered a stroke in 2013 and has limited ability to speak.

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