Police: Woman finds cell phone recording video in restaurant restroom

WICHITA, Kansas - Wichita police say a 25-year-old woman found a cell phone that was being used to record people in the bathroom of a Wichita restaurant. The woman's 5-year-old daughter was also in the restroom.

It happened at the Emperor's Japanese Grill restaurant located in front of Target in the 7800 block of West Maple around 7:30 Tuesday.

KSN spoke with the mother, who didn't want to show her face or share her name.

She says her daughter pointed out the phone in a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.

The mother first thought it belonged to a customer who had left it in the bathroom, until she took a closer look.

"I grabbed the phone and noticed it had been recording, I didn't look at the number exactly, but I did know that it had been running for a while," the mother said.

Police say the partially concealed cell phone was placed to film someone using the restroom. The phone was removed.

The cell phone was found to belong to an employee of the restaurant. KSN talked to one of the owners of the restaurant who said that the 17-year-old employee has been fired.

The mother said the incident will make her more cautious in the future.

"In this day an age you shouldn't be not cautious, you should very much be aware of your surroundings," she said.

At this time, there have been no arrests.

Right now, the case is being classified as a sex offense.

The district attorney's office will investigate and decide whether or not charges should be filed.

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