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87-year-old woman graduates from the University of Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CNN) - An 87-year-old woman fulfilled her lifelong dream Friday evening. 

She walked the stage at the University of Alabama and received her college diploma -- a moment 70 years in the making. 

Age is just a number for this determined 87-year-old woman.

"They had to get transcripts out of the archive and I thought that will take forever. Is it in the attic in a box? Or down in the basement?" said Patricia Cassity, 87-year-old college graduate.

Her initial coursework dated all the way back to 1947.

"In my last quarter, I decided to bolt and get away from all pressure and restraints," explained Cassity. "I went to Alaska to work for the Air Force."

That's where she met her husband Bernard and started a family. 

But deep down, she and her husband knew how much she wanted that degree. But at the time, it wasn't possible, until recently.

"He passed away last June. This is just one of the things he wanted for me and I certainly wanted for myself," said Cassity. "And to my surprise, I found an ad through an alumni magazine that said 'Back to Bama.'"

From that program, she finally got her moment she wanted -- to walk the stage. 

And the support she received from the crown was breath-taking. 

"t's hard to put into words," said Cassity. "It's closure for 70 years I thought about."

Now this college graduate is ready for her next adventure.

"Probably get a job and say I'm a college graduate!" said Cassity.

Cassity didn't have to do anyy coursework to get her degree. She had apparently taken everything required for a bachelor of science degree -- she just didn't know. 



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