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Former K-State student calls college a waste of money in viral post

KSNT-TV - TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – There is no question about it, college can be expensive, but is it worth that expense?

One former K-State student says he doesn't think so. In a viral social media post, Billy Willson calls college a waste of money. He is a former freshman at K-State who decided to drop out after getting a 4.0 in his first semester. The reason for leaving? He said colleges are scamming you. However, he said that current students don't agree with him.

"People may see it as an investment but at the same time especially with the internet nowadays a lot of the information that is available at college is also available online," Billy Willson said.

However, another student disagrees with Willson.

"I personally myself, as well as others know a lot of others who have had their lives enhanced by college," Adam Schieferecke, a K-State Student said. "They didn't have any opportunities before going into college and it's provided them with opportunities they couldn't have had in any other way."

K-State hasn't responded to the post.

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