Emergency personnel say think before you dial 911

BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) - A Kansas sheriff's office has a message tonight for people who may one day need to pick up the phone and dial 911. It comes after the office received an interesting call for help.

It's one that is echoed by other agencies across the state.

The office decided to share the 911 call on their facebook page, and say no name or address was attached to it.

But they hope the non-emergency call for help will serve as a reminder to only dial when necessary.

"Hey, I got an emergency somebody's hooves is on the table and they stinking up the place," said a caller.

This just a part of a 911 call Greenwood County received Thursday requesting that someone help him get a female's smelly "hooves" from the table. It's not a call for service Butler County has heard before.

"That one was pretty unique, I have not heard anything like that in Butler County," said Katie Gifford, dispatcher.

But non-emergency 911 calls are an issue in the county.

"It happens, you get those calls coming and you have to answer as a calls for service and figure out exactly is there a need, is there not a need. We hear about the weather, we hear about how road conditions are," said Jody Mader, Shift Supervisor.

Calls like that can be frustrating for dispatchers, especially when it disrupts calls from people who really need help.

"If we're being inundated with 911 that actually aren't 911 then those callers are waiting for us," said Gifford.

Non-emergency 911 calls tie up dispatchers and first responders on the street. Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet offers this advice, think before you dial.

"Some people when they call it is an emergency call to them but they need to really think of tying up the trump line of the 911," said Sheriff Kelly Herzet, Butler County.
"We're not trying to be rude, we're just trying to get our job done the best we can," said Mader.

She adds to always provide dispatchers with an address and a detailed description of what is going on.
And they do encourage people to dial 911, but only when there is a true emergency.

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