New virus keeping people sick

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - Doctor's offices across the state are near capacity with people coming down with the cold or the flu. So this time around, not coming down with the cold or flu could be harder than you think. More and more people are getting sick and not getting better anytime soon. KSN spoke to medical experts and victims of the flu about symptoms and how easy it is to get exposed.

"She's got the flu that's been going around," explained 6-year-old Remington's dad, Trinidad Perez. "And it doesn't seem to be going anywhere."

Remington has had the flu for weeks and her symptoms have included: runny nose, lots of mucus in her eyes and a really nasty cough. Remington has been treated and sent home with medication but Dad says as soon as the medicine wears off, her symptoms come right back. It's so widespread that even the pros are taking precautions.

"I've actually started wearing masks because I've seen so much, and I'm trying not to get sick," said TauLyn Thomas, a certified physician assistant at Via Christi in Wichita.

Health officials tell us there's been a significant increase in people getting sick with everything from pneumonia to the common cold to the actual flu and worse.

"Most of the ones that I've seen that have only lasted 24 hours would be the GI viruses," explained Thomas."The nausea, the vomiting, the diarrhea, the stomach cramps are also very contagious and not very fun to have."

And these germs can spread easily, making more people sick. Experts say the old rules are the best for staying healthy. Get your flu shot, wash your hands and if you feel like you're getting sick, go to the doctor's office.

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