Mother testifies that boyfriend killed 3-year-old Kansas boy

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - Stephen Bodine was in a Sedgwick County courtroom for his preliminary hearing Monday. Bodine is accused of killing Evan Brewer. Brewer's body was found encased in concrete back in September of 2017. 

During Monday's hearing, several witnesses in the case took the stand to testify including Miranda Miller, Stephen's girlfriend.

Miller waived her preliminary hearing earlier in the morning and agreed to testify against Bodine for the prosecution. She took the witness stand where she testified that Bodine was responsible for killing her son Evan. Prosecutors asked Miller if she was partly responsible.

"Yes!" Miller replied. 

Also during the hearing, Wichita Police Detective Christian Cory talked about the hours of video recordings that were stored in Google from Bodine's home. Prosecutors presented still pictures of the video showing Evan bound in the basement. The video showed Bodine as well. 

Carol Brewer, Evan's aunt, says she is glad to be getting some answers as to what may have happened.

"Was it tough to hear and listen to this? Of course," says Carol Brewer. " We were there when they removed his body, and we weren't just going to not be here."

She also said it was a bit of a surprise to hear Miranda Miller testifying that Stephen Bodine murdered Evan Brewer.

"I was very surprised that she stepped in and said what she said," explained Carol Brewer. "She admitted being responsible for it as well. I myself am appreciative of that. I am shocked. As a mother,I'm sure she knew there was some accountability."

Miller also started crying, while placing most of the blame for her son's death on Stephen Bodine.

"He killed my son, knowing that was the only thing I had to live for. It's the only think I've ever wanted in my entire life.," said a crying Miller on the stand. "I didn't want my son dead. I wanted to raise him. I wanted to see him grow up, I wanted to be at his graduation, I wanted to see him get married. And Stephen took that from me."

A judge will determine if there is enough evidence for Stephen Bodine to go to trial. Miranda Miller's trial is scheduled for May 21st.

Evan Brewer is the grandson of former Wichita mayor and gubernatorial candidate Carl Brewer. Carl Brewer released the following statement: 

A preliminary hearing began today for the two individuals accused of the murder of my grandson, Evan Brewer. This is heartbreaking for me and my family. The safeguards that are supposed to be in place failed him. And they have failed, and are continuing to fail, countless other innocent children.

Simply put, the system is broken. And our children, the ones we should be protecting the most, are suffering.

Child abuse cases like Evan’s brings to light the catastrophic problem that is affecting our entire state. Thousands of Kansas children suffer physical and emotional trauma but their cries are unheard. We need to increase funding to public safety agencies, like DCF, so more case workers can better investigate. We also must have accountability and transparency by those organizations charged to protect these children. The safety of Kansas children is a responsibility that belongs to all of us.

This is the only statement I will be making about Evan’s case at this time.



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