Ready to party: Crews almost finished with party preparations for NCAA Tournament

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - The hype keeps growing as we get closer and closer to the NCAA Tournament, expected to bring thousands of fans to Wichita.

That means those behind all the fun are working in full gear to make sure everything is perfect.

"It's kind of an organized chaos," said Cody Lathrop, co-owner of Xclusive Events.

"It's the perfect storm for us. NCAA and St. Patrick's Day on the same weekend," said Sara DeLong, a distributor for Miller Coors.

It's all hands on deck as crews put in last minute touches on the Courtside Commerce block party.

"We're just working on really just making the spaces enjoyable, making sure that they're safe, really just kind of going along with what the initial idea of each bar," said Aharon Hoopes, a manager at Xclusive Events, the company behind the party. 

There will be food trucks, outdoor activities, and four venues: a tavern, a sports bar, an electric liquor closet, and a speakeasy.

"We've got these awesome 'love ICT' lights that I think are going to be perfect since it's going to be such an awesome Wichita event," said Nicole Wolf, owner of Couture Ever After.

"This is Connect Four, a giant Connect Four," said David Moor, owner of Bluestem Rentals. "We have a two foot high chess set in the foyer. We have giant Jenga."

Event planners hope the party will showcase what Wichita has to offer.

"It'll be a nice add on to people coming to Wichita to embrace that and see what maybe they can do here and can't do in their hometown," said Lathrop.

The indoor venues will open on Wednesday and will go through Saturday night. 

The street parties will be on game days, which are Thursday and Saturday.

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