Tax offices feel the rush of last minute filers

For some, tax season is the most dreaded time of the year. 

It means gathering dozens of papers from the last few months, and hoping you don't owe any money. 

And, some wait to the last minute.

Monday, tax professionals had a busy day seeing clients before Tuesday's fast-approaching deadline. 

"We had everyone working with a client all day," said Brenda Rollston, a tax professional.

She knows the rush all too well, since she's been working with clients for nine years.

Stacey Griffin is admittedly a repeat procrastinator when it comes to getting her taxes done. 

"Because I have to pay to the state every year," said Griffin. "And, it's usually in the 800 range."
She's not the only one. 

Robert Shellenberger spent his Monday afternoon waiting to get an extension. 

"I'll probably be on time next year," he said. "It's been too busy of a year this year. I hope it kind of slows down a little bit."
To make up for all the late filings, local tax offices are working around the clock. 

"We do have extended hours, and people in particular who are in the office in the evening know that they'll probably be staying past the posted closing time," said Mike Lawless, an enrolled agent.

And, while some people will be glad once the deadline is over, Rollston says she enjoys the busy time.

"If it's not so rushful, we're waiting for the other shoe to drop," she said.

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