WFD going back on loosening fireworks ordinance

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - The Wichita Fire Department is going back on its plans to loosen the city's fireworks ordinance. 

City Council voted this week on the first part of that ordinance. It keeps the rules the same, except it allows the fire department to enforce them more. 

And by making independent sellers pay a permit fee, the city will be able to fund a team dedicated to enforcing the rules. 

"We are going to have these teams in unmarked vehicles or low profile vehicles and that is going to be their job," said Wichita Fire Chief Stuart Bevis. "They are not going to be responding to other calls. They are going to be paid and they are going to be overtime crews because they are not people who are on duty that day."

Chief Bevis says if you are caught with illegal fireworks, you will get hit with a $250 fine. But you won't have to go to court to pay it, you can take care of it with the clerk. 

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