Monday at 10: Unsolved Homicides

KSNW-TV - Investigators work hard to solve murder cases, but sometimes the evidence dries up and law enforcement runs the risk of having a case go cold for days, months even years.

Currently, there are 200 unsolved homicide cases in Wichita.  In Sedgwick County there are 15 of those cases dating back to the 70's.

For some family and friends it's been decades of wondering who is responsible for their loved ones death.

Monday and Tuesday on KSN News 3 at 10, Darren Dedo will go in-depth into cold cases in the Wichita area, and why it is so challenging for investigators to solve them. He'll also explain why forensic and DNA evidence can help solve cold cases but, sometimes it is the public who holds the key piece of evidence that'll help crack a cold case.

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