Via Christi nurses help with hurricane relief in Puerto Rico

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - You can call them a "dynamic duo" in Kansas and beyond.

Rick and Georgia Stubby are both nurses at Via Christi Hospital St. Francis. They just recently returned from Puerto Rico where they helped with medical assistance.

The Stubby's said they're part of the national disaster medical system and worked alongside others in remote hospitals.

They did their typical nurse work, just in a very different environment.

The Stubby's have returned to their typical halls at St. Francis, but say they'd travel to San Juan and Manati all over again to help.

"It has been a tough time for them, they...most of them are still without power... they have very limited resources," said Rick Stubby, Via Christi Hospital St. Francis nurse.

"She didn't have any water, so she was catching rain water to flush the toilets with," said Georgia Stubby, Via Christi Hospital St. Francis nurse.

Since Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico, hospitals are also backlogged because of closed doctor offices. At times Rick and Georgia helped 100 people a day at remote hospitals to take pressure off local resources. It was a service they wanted to do together.

"He's a good nurse and so we make a good team i don't think i would've wanted to go without him," said Georgia.

The relief effort. is far from over.

But what shocked the Stubby's the most about Puerto Rico wasn't the disaster's aftermath, but people's acceptance of what happened and how to move forward.

"It was just surreal that they could all be playing with the kites and trying to make life as normal as they could," said Georgia.

People hugged and thanked them for their help, and were extremely grateful they were there.

"They don't take it for granted, and I think they would do the same for us," said Rick.

The couple said their supervisor was great about their time away from Kansas, and coworkers have been asking them questions about their experience.

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