EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — Carrying a giant U.S. flag, dozens of Venezuelan migrants crossed the Rio Grande onto U.S. soil and demanded to be allowed in.

Since Oct. 12, Venezuelans have been subject to Title 42 expulsions, and many have been camping out next to the river, pleading with U.S. officials to let them like the thousands who had been let in just weeks prior.

On Monday, a large group of migrants marched on Bernardo Borzagaray Boulevard toward the border, shouting, “We want to go in.”

They carried a gigantic U.S. flag that read, “We, the migrants, built America.”

As dozens of migrants — including some carrying young children — walked across ankle-deep waters in the river, dozens of U.S. Border Patrol agents responded, including some in tactical gear.

Some Venezuelan migrants told and KTSM/Border Report crew in Juarez that some Central-American migrants threw rocks at the border agents, prompting them to fire rubber bullets.

Video circulating on social media shows dozens of agents pushing the crowd back across the river and firing rubber bullets at some of the migrants, including a man carrying a giant Venezuelan flag.

KTSM reached out to Border Patrol officials, who said they were working on a statement.

This is a developing story. Look for updates as more information becomes available.