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Dr. Girish Tathed Goes Beyond Therapy To Treat Autism In Kids Using Homeopathy

The Best Homeopathy Doctor in Pune

The homeopathy doctor ensures that kids with autism lead healthy and independent lives

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, December 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dr. Girish Tathed, a respected homeopathy doctor in Pune and the founder of Dr. Tathed’s Homeopathic Clinic, goes a step beyond therapy to treat autism in kids. He uses homeopathic treatment to reduce autistic children’s dependence on their parents, helping them lead healthy and happy lives.

With homeopathic treatments for autism, Dr. Tathed targets the root of the issue to bring about remarkable changes in the kids’ behavior, thinking patterns, and relationships with people around them. His treatments also help autistic kids tackle learning disabilities, allowing them to have proper education. More than 50% percent of Dr. Tathed’s patients suffering from autism are able to study in normal schools and obtain normal education. This makes the children feel included and valued.

Along with holistic homeopathic treatment, Dr. Tathed also provides personalized diet recommendations for autistic children that improve the treatment’s impact. The beloved homeopathic doctor has received multiple awards for his achievements in the field of homeopathy, including the Asian News award for The Best Homeopathy Doctor in Pune.
One of the many reasons Dr. Tathed is trusted and respected by his patients is because he acts as a guardian and a companion along with a doctor. He focuses on his patients’ holistic well-being along with the disease he is tackling. Dr. Tathed strongly believes that every child deserves to live a normal and healthy life without facing physical or psychological issues growing up.

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