ANDALE, Kan. (KSNW) – KSN News is in Andale sharing stories of why the community is great this week as part of our 3 in the Community initiative.

Powerhouse football program

The week Andale takes on Cheney in the Friday Football Game of the Week. The Indians have won 44 straight games. Cheney hopes to put an end to that. The team is 5-1 and is looking to knock off the Indians.

Agriculture is a big part of the curriculum

The Andale community is located about 20 miles from downtown Wichita is your typical Kansas town. Farming is in its blood. The school district offers several agriculture classes to students, including animal science and livestock management.

Kylee Simon is a junior who raises goats on her family’s farm, but she says the classes show her what it is like to be in the agriculture industry.

“I think it’s important because to teach kids where their stuff comes from and just show them that there’s other jobs out there than in the city and sitting in a desk every day. There’s other things you can be outside doing,” Simon said.

Simon joined FFA three years ago. It used to stand for Future Farmers of America but now goes by just the letters FFA so anyone, not just people in farming, can be part of it.

Andale part of Renwick School District

Andale High School is part of the Renwick School District. It consists of schools in three towns: Andale, Garden Plain, and Colwich.

Garden Plain High School is home to The Nest. It is a student-run coffee shop right on campus. Student workers say being baristas teaches them life-long skills.

“I’ve learned how to make coffee. I’ve learned how to work some machines. I’ve learning how to make some pretty good fro-yo, if I do say so myself,” Karson Maris, Garden Plain High School student.

The coffee shop is not new. It will be open for 10 years in the spring.

Students learn through internships

Schools are no longer just teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. They are getting kids ready for life after high school.

Andale gives upperclassmen the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

Through internships, students say they get a better feel for what a job or industry really entails.

“I think it actually puts it into perspective more for me, and I can see what we’re doing, and I think I understand it more actually going out instead of just learning about it here,” Natalie Maxwell, Andale senior, said.

“It’s important because maybe some people don’t get the idea of like what it actually is to work, and I feel like that really kinda opens people’s eyes of what they want to do, what they don’t want to do,” Shay White, Andale senior, said.

Shay is interning at a Wichita sports talk show, while Natalie has internships with an interior design company and another at a day spa in Andover.

Eighth graders have an option to take electives

Electives are now available to eighth graders in Andale. Courses include ag, shop, drama, introduction to engineering and sports and entertainment marketing.

“I think we’re beyond the days of the age of just sitting down with a worksheet. I think the more hands-on experience you can give them in the classroom, like our exploratory sports and entertainment marketing, they’re creating a pro sports team,” Kaylie Bergkamp, college and career advocate, said.

On top of the electives, the program sets up internships for students so that they can see what certain careers are like.

“It’s not necessarily, ‘Hey, I had a great experience.’ Sometimes it’s, ‘Hey, I don’t want to do that,’ and that’s perfectly fine. We consider that a win-win because then we’re not going and spending money after Andale High School at the postsecondary level,” said Bergkamp.

Students have to learn the preparation, management, and social media that it takes to make a team successful. They will then show off their knowledge to parents and community members during a gallery walk at the end of the semester.

Country singer Logan Mize has a recording studio in town

Country singer and songwriter Logan Mize is a Kansas native growing up in Clearwater. His wife is from Andale, and after spending years in Nashville, they chose to move back to Kansas.

KSN’s Eddie Randle had the opportunity to hang out with Logan at his new recording studio in Andale.

Family-run cafe serves up home-cooked meals

The Brunin Cafe in Andale located at 320 N. Main St. serves up some home cooking. Andi Martin joined the “Kansas Today” team to talk about the family operation and cinnamon rolls.