ROSE HILL, Kan. (KSNW) – KSN News headed to Rose Hill to learn more about what the community has to offer as part of our 3 in the Community initiative.

Dump Day

Rose Hill students have a long tradition of giving back to the community. One effort is called Dump Day.

This event is a way for homeowners to get rid of junk. Homeowners will sign up, and sophomores will come out and haul away the unwanted items. It’s free, and the homeowners are asked to make a donation. The money goes to Flint Hills Services, which supports Kansans with disabilities.

This event was held on Saturday, and the students filled more than a dozen dumpsters.

“We get a lot of community helpers, a lot of parents and people show up, grandparents, especially on Facebook, we post on Facebook a lot about it, a lot of people thank us through that,” Riley Funke, senior class president, said.

“This is really fun, just to get people in your community to help each other and for our class to go have fun together with people who we help,” Kylee Bartlett, sophomore, said.

Sophomores have been doing Dump Day for more than 20 years. The organizers say they estimate they raised $4,000-6,000 and add, “That’s a lot of junk!”

Community Service Day

Rose Hill students continued to clean up properties around town throughout the week. They repaired fences, picked up downed branches, and did some landscaping.

“I would say the kids are really excited and happy to do it because they know they are helping people and doing something good for our community,” senior Jack Hensley said.

Hensley says it is a way for students to thank those who support them throughout the year.

Kountry Kitchen Cafe interview

KSN’s Julia Thatcher and Eddie Randle stopped by the Kountry Kitchen Cafe to speak with owner Doug Helms and learn more about the cafe.

You can watch the full interview above.

City Administrator interview

KSN spoke with City Administrator Warren Porter to learn more about the Rose Hill community.

The town of fewer than 5,000 is growing, several companies in the area are expanding, and new homes are going up.

Porter says that the area even grew during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When the pandemic hit, we all were a little concerned about what the future would be, but we actually saw some record years of growth in housing starts,” Porter said.

He says construction has kept pace with home sales.

“We were getting to the point that we had about one year’s worth of building capacity left, and so this one is coming on at the right time, and that should give us five years or so worth of building,” he said.

The City helps with developments through bonds and special assessments for infrastructure for these projects.

9-11 fundraiser

“Never forget.” These are the words that a group of Rose Hill residents is taking to heart.

Since earlier this year, a group has been working to create the Rose Hill 9-11 Memorial. The group has already chosen a site on the east side of the School Street Pond in the city park.

The plan is to have it be a place where people can go and remember how the events of the day brought the country together.

“We thought, ‘Let’s try to make a little bit of difference and try to bring some of that unity back.’ We do not want another terrorist attack like this or any type of event that’s this tragic to come about to bring us together again,” said Rose Hill 9-11 Memorial Committee President Gerald Amato.

Amato says the project grew from a very simple start.

“So the project started out initially where we wanted to just have a memorial service just to honor those lives lost as we started getting into a little bit more, we started reflecting on all the different events that happened, not only the lives that were lost but how the United States just came together,” Amato said.

The committee has artist’s renderings of what the memorial will look like. The president says the goal is to have it paid for and built in the next three years.

Mayor interview

KSN’s Emily Younger spoke with Rose Hill Mayor Gary Weaver to learn more about the community.

You can watch the full interview above.

Rose Hill Fall Festival

Rose Hill’s annual Fall Festival takes place during the second week of October. Included is a parade, carnival, car show, craft show, party at the pond, fishing derby, and more.

To learn more about the festival, click here.

Sport support

Friday is homecoming for Rose Hill, and the students are ready!