WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Two powerhouse football teams are taking on each other for Friday’s Game of the Week. Bishop Carroll and Derby will battle it out. Before the game, KSN News visited each community’s school system to learn what makes them unique.

Bishop Carroll alums return to teach

Bishop Carroll High School leaders will tell you the school is one big family. It is evident with alums returning to the school to teach. Nearly three dozen alums are currently teaching there.

One of them is Jackie Foltz. She is in her 35th year of education and works in Bishop Carroll’s library media center.

She retired from the Maize district but decided she was not done yet. She said culture brought her back to her alma mater.

“Being able to pray at school, having those expectations of kids and also myself, just getting back into my religion and making sure I’m more grounded with it and being able to live it fully throughout the day,” Foltz said.

It is a similar but different story for business teacher Nathan Hampton. He began his career at Koch Industries, but after life’s twists and turns, he returned to the school.

“I think the knowledge that I’ll have has been valuable for the students so far and helping them along and learn the material and use some real-life examples as well,” Hampton said.

Hampton also said the hours for him were better.

“Family has become my top priority, and spending more time and having a schedule that lines up with my kids was a top priority for my wife and I, and Bishop Carroll accepted me back in, and I’m excited to be here,” he added.

Both Hampton and Foltz are in their first year at the school.

Academies offer students vocational options

From engineering, teaching, health and even fine arts, Bishop Carroll has created academies to give students a crash course of vocations to see if it is really what they want to do in college and life.

“This gives kids an opportunity in high school to experiment in those areas without going and making a major investment in the college, and, you know, a lot of times kids are in their second, third year of college and say, ‘Oh man, I just don’t want to do this the rest of my life.'”

Last year, the school partnered with WSU Tech to further help students. High school students can get dual credit through the courses.

Alum answers a religious calling

The Rev. Drew Hoffman was once a Bishop Carroll student and a Golden Eagle football player.

Father Drew Hoffman, a Bishop Carroll alum, leads mass. (KSN Photo)

Hoffman now plays for Christ. When his football playing days ended, he found himself searching for meaning and fulfillment in his life.

“We had lost this football game, and that was kind of the tipping point. Now, I got to think about real life now. Playing football your senior year. That’s kind of what you think about. You’re just enjoying yourself and having fun,” Hoffman said. “It was the next night that I really started thinking about not necessarily the priesthood but my future in general, and I went to this Adoration Chapel, this prayer space at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church on the west side. I was there for like two hours that night.”

Hoffman answered the Lord’s calling. He’s the chaplain and pastor at the St. Paul Catholic Student Center on the Wichita State campus, and he loves returning to Carroll. Click here to watch the full story.