WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Asking for help is difficult, especially when it comes with a price tag.

HopeNet is a nonprofit making coaching and counseling services affordable.

There are barriers between the life people want and the life they are living.

“There’s a shame spiral associated with counseling,” said Abigail Bryant, a HopeNet client.

Shattering the stigma around counseling is what Bryant is working toward.

“Use it as a position in your life to be prepared and to use it as a maintenance as opposed to waiting until something happens, where you really need it.”

Bryant started at HopeNet as a coaching client.

“Coaching was setting goals in my life to look forward and to see something that’s achievable,” said Bryant.

Then, transitioned into counseling.

“Looking at the past, seeing where my deep-rooted issues lied, and being able to conquer those and being able to move forward,” said Bryant.

Steps that came after a life lesson

“My husband relapsed in drug addiction in 2017,” said Bryant.

“HopeNet really allowed us just to have a different perspective, and a healthy perspective, a well-rounded perspective.”

Those at HopeNet recognize barriers keeping people from bettering themselves and their situation.

“I do think that people will use every excuse that they can to not go and talk to someone,” said Christiane Doom, Hopenet executive director.

“Then when you add the barrier like, I can’t pay for this, then they’re just not going to go, but when you remove that barrier, it does get people in the door.”

Bryant and her family are continuing to benefit from HopeNet.

“We’re five years into it now, there’s five years of sobriety, and we absolutely love where we’re at,” said Bryant. “We have the product of a two-year-old in this now, in a healthy environment.”

Now, the life Bryant only saw as a dream is her reality.

Services at HopeNet are based on someone’s ability to pay, with the goal, of making coaching and counseling available to everyone.

Those interested can contact the HopeNet Wichita Office by phone at 316-684-HOPE or by email at info@hopenet.org

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