WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — People find their way to Independent Living Resource Center for different reasons.

A medical episode or developmental disability forces them to learn or re-learn what it takes to live alone.

Leaders want their clients to have control over their lives as much as everyone else.

“When someone becomes disabled, suddenly their life changes,” said Cindi Unruh, Independent Living Resouce Center executive director.

“Everyone wants to stay in their home; no one wants to go to some type of an institution such as a nursing home,” Unruh said. “If we can help them maintain that independence as long as we can, with the information and resources, and help that we can give them, that’s what we do.”

ILRC helps its clients accomplish independence through classes, including cooking, advocacy education, and peer support.

“Many times when they come through the door, they haven’t really been able to find that they have the ability to do these types of projects,” Unruh added.

The courses build confidence, skills, and help people discover new passions.

Unruh hopes the consumers leave feeling important, part of the community and able to accomplish their goals.

Advice for people who may be interested in coming to Independent Living Resource Center, “take things casually and just don’t rush things,” said Josh O’Gara, a consumer at Independent Living Resource Center.

“Just figure out the right ingredients that you need for whatever you’re making,” O’ Gara said.

Stepping outside the kitchen, using the ingredients for living independently.

Three Ways to Support Independent Living Resource Center:

  1. Participate in fundraising efforts, including purchasing holiday cards and golf tournament
  2. Learn about services and programs offered through ILRC
  3. Monetary donation

Other services offered by Independent Living Resource Center: