WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – After years in the health field, Sana Christmann wanted a change in life.

“I kind of knew that entrepreneur life was what I wanted,” she said.

In August 2022, Christmann started The Whitening Bar.

“It was very fresh,” she recalled, “Started out of my home.”

As a minority woman, she prepared for challenges.

“A lot of times you go into rooms that you don’t feel welcome, you go into rooms that you’re probably one of you know 10,” she said.

“Statistics show that African Americans and other underrepresented entrepreneurs, they do not have the same outcomes as majority-owned companies,” explained Christina Long, President and CEO of Create Campaign.

The nonprofit, Create Campaign, is beating down the wall that is blocking Black and brown businesses from succeeding.

“We want to break down the mystery about what it takes to be a strong business owner and make business resources assessable in all ways,” Long said.

The nonprofit offers microloans, mentoring, and training.

“It absolutely matters,” Long said.

Christmann graduated from the organization’s SPARK program.

“We get professional commercials made for us,” Christmann said. “If you don’t have the capital, as a beginning entrepreneur, that’s something you don’t see for five to 10 years in your business.”

Jumping over systemic hurdles.

“When you come to Create Campaign, we recognize that. We are not going to shame you,” Long said.

“Everybody’s so genuine wanting to see you succeed,” Christmann said.

“When young people see a number of entrepreneurs who look like them in various industries, it makes real that maybe, just maybe, I can be that too,” Long said.

Since launching in 2015, Create Campaign has helped around 800 business owners in the Wichita region.

If you are interested in learning more about their resources, click here.