WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – If you look good, you feel good. That’s what Dress for Success Wichita tries to do for women who need professional clothing.

They have plans to expand into nearby counties. However, they need something very specific to make that happen, and it’s not more clothing.

Martha Mulnix first came to Dress for Success Wichita as a client.

She now works closely with the organization as a project manager for the Wichita Women’s Initiative.

“Most of the women that are coming through our program, myself included, are starting over from something,” Mulnix said.

“Whether you’re starting over from an abusive relationship, and you have no clothes, you could be experiencing a weight loss journey, or you could be a new mom.”

It doesn’t matter what income bracket someone falls into or their line of work. Clients of Dress for Success Wichita are “any self-identified woman, who is 16-years or older,” Amber Beck, executive director, Wichita Women’s Initiative, said.

“If you need professional clothes for work, to be able to thrive in your job, or to even keep the job, that is who we’re here to serve,” she said.

They’re looking to expand into six nearby counties, including Rice, Reno, Harvey, Butler, Sumner, and Cowley.

The goal is to bring their services to women in nearby communities who may not have the ability to come to Wichita.

Before they can do that, “we are actively saving money for a Sprinter van,” Beck said.

They’ve raised about $25,000, about half of what a van would cost.

Or, “if someone would like to give me a van, they can put their name all over it, I’d be really excited about that,” Beck said.

It is not just about new clothes for many of the women who come through the doors at Dress for Success Wichita. Often, it’s a chance to confidently start something new.

“It’s so empowering to be able to get clothing that fits you, that looks good, and that you don’t have to worry about what is going to be the number on the register when you finish ringing up,” Mulnix said.

There are two types of suitings for clients. First, they get an interview outfit, including a new bra. Then, once they land a job, they return to the shop to get ten clothing items, a bag, shoes, and a winter coat.

To schedule a suiting, clients can call 316-262-3960.

Donations are also being accepted to help raise funds for a Sprinter van.