WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – League 42 offers an affordable option to let kids play baseball. Their latest expansion is helping children succeed off the diamond.

One player, Ashton Richard, says there are a lot of takeaways.

“The sportsmanship, the coaches, the people, the environment,” Richard.

The program’s founder and executive director Bob Lutz always intended the league to go beyond winning and losing.

“Ways to be successful, shake your hand, when you talk to somebody look them in the eye,” said Lutz.

As the league looks toward the future, it includes the opening of a new learning center.

“We’ll offer after-school tutoring for reading and math and a lot of other programming, indoor baseball training,” Lutz said.

America’s past time has always been about more than just the game.

“It’s competition, yes, but mostly it’s being around your friends, being around your coaches, learning some life lesson,” said Lutz. “Those kind of things are the important aspect of League 42.”

Support felt by Richard.

“Bob’s been there since I’ve been here, he’s been a pretty good friend.”

Leslie Rudd Learning Center

League 42 hopes to open the Leslie Rudd Education Center in October.

How to support League 42:

  1. Equipment Donation
  2. Monetary Donation
  3. Participate in Golf Tournament in October of 2022