WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – As a kid, a treehouse is where you met to play with friends, learned about life, and laughed with others.  That’s exactly what The Treehouse in Wichita does for moms.

“I’m a better person all the way around,” said Charesse Allen, who first found the Treehouse about 10 years ago. 

“I was introduced to the farmer’s art market from the mommy and my class that I take here,” said Allen. 

“They give you $20 to spend there, I had never went there before. There’s all kinds of incentives, and it’s all free.”

Allen’s two children are now older than the age range The Treehouse aims to serve. However, she’s stuck around as a volunteer. 

The Christian-based non-profit aims to support mothers in three areas: 

  1. Providing educational resources. 
  2. Basic necessities. 
  3. Genuine personal care. 

“I’ve taken stress classes here; I’ve learned how to handle my emotions,” said Allen. 

“‘Better brains for babies,’ you learn how their brain develops, so you kind of understand why they’re doing things that they do.” 

Women can take courses online or in-person or volunteer to earn baby bucks. They then can come into the store at The Treehouse to buy items like clothing, diapers, and formula. 

 “We get people calling in tears because they have found out either they’re pregnant or like a grandchild is pregnant, and they need help,” said Karey Padding, the executive director of The Treehouse. 

“They’re scared and struggling, and this is a place that offers community support, the basic necessities that you would need, and our mission really is to nurture moms so babies can bloom.” 

For mothers, normally busy worrying about everyone else’s needs, The Treehouse serves as a resource for moms to also take care of themselves. 

“I’m not hard on myself about things anymore. I treat myself better because of what I’ve learned here,” said Allen. 

The Treehouse celebrated its 20th anniversary in January.  The only requirement to receive help is that you have a need. 

The Treehouse is accepting donations for diapers, wipes, formula, kid’s clothing from newborn up to age eight, along with other items.