WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Groover Labs is using Wichita’s strength as a manufacturing city to benefit companies beyond aviation. The company provides space to collaborate and technology to make prototyping more affordable.

The co-founder of Groover Labs, Tracey Hoover, sees the big picture.

“We hope that it can be a place where startups can begin,” Hoover said.

Connecting ideas to opportunity.

“We have a pick and place machine because lots of things have circuit boards in them now, so you can design a circuit board and get those manufactured at low numbers,” Hoover said.

“It takes you from idea to actually executing,” said Ingrid Green, Drones 4 Girls executive director.

Green is capitalizing on everything Groover Labs has to offer.

“I saw all the spaces, and I thought, oh, we can actually fly the drones here, and in the classrooms, we can actually teach the girls how to code drones and here we can repair and fix drones in the lab area where we have tables for big torches and CNC machines, and we can create motherboards, and I just lit up.”

Turning competition in business into a place of collaboration.

“Every day I come here, I meet other founders, other entrepreneurs and folks that I can partner with, collaborate with and just sink my feet into Wichita,” Green said.

Groover Labs has different levels of memberships.

The goal is to create a space where Wichita can be an affordable, thriving place to start a community.