WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Nomar District is a historical area for the Hispanic community. Empower is working to revitalize it through education, workforce readiness and business development.

Like a cup of coffee, positive change takes time to brew.

“Around Nomar especially, we have so many Hispanic businesses there, and if in five-10 years from now, we can see more businesses there, within the Hispanic District, it would be super exciting to see how that can impact Wichita,” said Ariel Rodriguez, Empower executive director.

Empower is pouring into small businesses and community members.

“We want to see more people starting businesses, more people going to school to obtain post-secondary education or even just completing a GED, learning resources such as how to buy a home and build that wealth,” said Rodriguez.

“Looking at all those key metrics so we can see people thrive and really become successful.”

This includes Oscar Pineda, the owner of Esperanza Coffee Roasters. He’s filtering his dream with a familiar taste.

“We sometimes don’t have the opportunity or the chance to taste something that we left in our countries,” said Pineda.

“I feel excited every time I’m able to source coffee from different parts of the globe, it could be Mexico, Columbia, El Salvador.”

with a bolder vision of crafting a stronger community.

“We’re calling all Wichitans to come down and celebrate our small businesses, especially our Hispanic-owned businesses, so trying new things, new flavors, new sounds, new music, new everything,” said Rodriguez.

“We’re really trying to get people out of their comfort zones and experience something new within Wichita.”

“Conversations bring solutions and the betterment of humanity and community,” said Pineda.

Cultivating these conversations one cup at a time.

Empower has purchased three buildings in the Nomar District. They’ve received a grant to turn it into a community kitchen for small businesses to use.

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