WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Becoming an organ donor is a way to give back to others after you’re gone.

It’s life-changing, not just for one person but for entire families.

That’s the case for one mother-daughter duo from McPherson, who now both have a new outlook on life.

“She loves life,” said Cheri Gumm, whose daughter Sydni received a cornea transplant through Saving Sight in December 2021.

“For her to be able to see life, and not just a blur is just, it’s really exciting,” said Cheri.

She recognizes one family had to experience heartbreak for her daughter Sydni’s world to come into clear focus.

“The day after they took the bandage off, she said, ‘I can see,'” said Cheri.

Sydni has had vision loss for years, with her eyesight gradually getting worse.

“When you think of transplant, I don’t know. The feelings that come over you. You just think the worst,” Cheri said.

Sydni doesn’t take the simple pleasures of seeing for granted.

“Her cell phone, watching TV, she does puzzle books and things,” Cheri said.

“By being a donor, you can take someone from being non-functioning, very limited to a productive member of society or a just a more fulfilling life,” said Dr. Martin de la Presa, an ophthalmic surgeon.

“This is something that cannot be done without organ donors.”

“It just warms my heart,” said Cheri.

“From the bottom of my heart, my whole family thanks you for being able to do that for us,” said Cheri.

Sydni is expected to receive a cornea transplant for her other eye.

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