NORTON, Kan. (KSNW) — A Norton non-profit is taking a different approach to adoption.

Started by husband and wife Kellen and Emily Jacobs, they focus on supporting the adoptive family and the birth mom.

There are two parts to an adoption story. Welcoming a child and letting go.

“The decision to place a child with another family has got to be an incredibly difficult decision,” said Kellen Jacobs, co-founder of Leap of FaithE. “We wanted to really tie the two together to give the birth mom some support.”

The Jacobs started the Leap of FaithE Foundation for personal reasons.

“We adopted Lilah Faithe Jacobs, and then you’ll notice that the name ‘Faithe’ is also in our foundation,” said Emily. “Adoption is a leap of faith. Starting a foundation is quite honestly a leap of faith as well.”

Using their experience as a catalyst to help others

“The adoptive side and the birth side apply together, and then, we use those funds to help offset some of the costs because it’s very expensive in most cases to adopt a child,” said Kellen. “Also to give the birth mom mental health support after making such a difficult decision.”

Keeping the focus on family.

“The research states that an open adoption is the best, so there’s not one day that the child discovers ‘oh I’m adopted,’ and now, the whole back story has to be rewritten,” said Kellen.

“You look back, and you say, ‘OK God, that’s why,” said Emily.

The Jacobs decision to trust in faith is taking off. Leap of FaithE does not match families. Families already matched can apply for financial support through the online application.

Leap Of FaithE co-founders say they offer support and encouragement for matched and unmatched adoptive families or birth parent.

Three Ways to Support:

  1. Spread message on social media and other outlets
  2. Offer Prayer
  3. Financial support

Leap of FaithE focuses on serving families in the middle United States. Including Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, and Oklahoma.