GOESSEL, Kan. (KSNW) – Thousands of natural disasters happen around the world each year. The Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) focuses on long-term recovery by rebuilding houses. Volunteers in Goessel play a special role.

Twice a week, MDS volunteers fill a woodworking shop in Goessel and get to work. Their helping hands build back hope for those who lost everything in a natural disaster.

“It was just a natural, I said I’m in,” said volunteer Bruce Funk.

They build full kitchen cabinet sets to go into homes built by MDS.

Cabinets made by Mennonite Disaster Service (KSN Photo)

“We’re able to provide something for people who’ve experienced disasters either by tornados or floods or massive wildfires,” Funk said.

The cabinet shop opened in June of 2022.

Mennonite Disaster Service (KSN Photo)

“We were hoping to get 50 done, but we made 70 by June 1 (2023),” said Cleo Koop, project director for the cabinet shop.

The cabinets are spread out from coast to coast. Each set made in the shop saves MDS about $3,000.

“If we made about 70 cabinets, sets of cabinets this year, then we save around $200,000 with our volunteer labor,” Koop said. “Which can build another three houses or so.”

Those savings open the door for more families hit by disaster to rebuild.

“It’s just a bunch of guys with the hearts to serve, and we get to do something we love, and that’s working with wood,” Funk said.

With wood and will, this small shop in Goessel is filling survivors’ new homes with heart.

Along with the cabinet sets, the Goessel volunteers make breadboards to give at every home dedication.

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