WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – People are feeling a pinch in the wallet, pain at the pump, and a rise in prices at stores. 

Consumer Credit Counseling Service has been helping people get their finances back on track for years. 

“The key thing we look at is how can we make every dollar stretch as far as we can,” said Rodney Denholm, a certified counselor with the nonprofit. 

Sharing his two cents, Denholm has been helping people balance their budgets for more than two decades. 

Denholm helps his clients tackle a range of financial issues, including buying a car or a house, having a savings account, and others who feel overwhelmed by bills. 

Consumer Credit Counseling Services assists people with credit and housing counseling, credit review session, debt management, homebuyer education and bankruptcy. 

Several of the services are free; there is a fee associated with the debt management plan and for bankruptcy counseling and education. 

“When someone comes to our agency, and they talk to a counselor, we’re helping to provide hope,” said Denholm. 

Hope is an understatement for Mary Herring, a Consumer Credit Counseling Service client. 

She calls the help, a second chance. 

“Oh, it was horrible. I was one of those people. I robbed Peter to pay Paul. I was into those check cashing places,” said Herring. “You talk about it; my finances were out of control.” 

Two sides to every coin. 

Where Herring saw helplessness, Denholm saw a wealth of opportunity. 

Denholm says there are areas people can focus on to become more financially fit:

  • Take an inventory, look at the budget, what money is coming in 
  • Look at where that money is going, small expenses adding up
  • Keep a spending diary for 30 days

For the first time in her life, Mary has a savings account. 

Building a nest egg to buy a dream. 

“I’ve never owned a home in my life, and because of Consumer Credit Counseling, I am learning now that I will one day, with a little work, be able to own a home probably within the next five years, if not my lifetime,” said Herring. 

Not everything of value comes with a high price. 

“Every month, Rodney is on it; he’s there for me,” said Herring. “He’s not charging me a dime.”

People interested in learning more about Consumer Credit Counseling Service can contact them.

There are several ways to support Consumer Credit Counseling Service, including making a donation.