SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — The impact of the pandemic has been widespread. 

People have been left to deal with financial burdens and to grieve the loss of loved ones. 

Lois Emberson, a client of Recovery Connect, is sharing her story with hope. 

“If we can reach as many people and if they can be blessed like I am, that would be, it’s just such a relief to me. I can’t imagine people that have it worse than me,” said Lois. 

Lois and her husband Clayton were in the same house for 40 years before he passed. 

The house is in good shape after several home improvement projects. 

However, Lois said she was facing several years of back taxes. 

That’s when she says a gift came her way. 

“These people came to the Clearwater Library and left these little cards, [printed on them,] Recovery Connect, re-cover from the pandemic together,” said Lois. 

Recovery Connect is helping people, businesses and non-profits recover from pandemic-related strain. The help includes: 

  • job training 
  • education 
  • child care
  • internet
  • housing 
  • rent and utilities 
  • food and groceries 
  • mental health 
  • vaccinations 

“This is a really important resource to help connect people to funding and help that is already available,” said Abigail Hammack, a representative for Recovery Connect. 

“So even if it wasn’t you personally, the odds are you know somebody and can pass that information along.”

Lois is getting four years of back taxes, paid in full. 

“I wasn’t expecting them to pay everything,” Lois said.

“I wasn’t expecting them to pay everything, I expected maybe the last year, so they can get me out of trouble, is what I was asking for, and so I was totally surprised, overwhelmed.”

A new start, in a familiar place, rooting future generations. 

“I’m glad I get to stay in my home,” Lois added. “I’d like to stay another 40 if I could.”

Lois said it took about a month from when she applied to when she heard back. 

For those unsure if their situation qualifies for assistance, Recovery Connect officials say to reach out. 

Email their team at: or call: 316-978-6737