WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Sunlight Children’s Services uses its two umbrella programs to support kids and families affected by abuse and neglect. 

Their Child Advocacy Center assists with forensic interviews, mental health resources, and an advocate to walk through the potential prosecution of the accused offender. 

Sunlight Children’s Home is an immediate, temporary place for a child to stay after being removed from an unsafe situation. 

The non-profit hopes no child needs their help.

For those who do, Sunlight Children’s Services makes sure each child has the resources to feel supported and protected. 

 “What this child is talking about, this isn’t an incident that happened on the playground or something very simple most of the time,” said Darrin Devinney, Butler County Attorney. 

“These are intensely traumatic experiences that a child has gone through.” 

It’s first-hand knowledge for Devinney, who has represented child survivors of abuse and neglect. 

“This is the most gratifying project I’ve been involved with and probably ever will be involved with in my career,” said Devinney.

He’s worked with Sunlight Children’s Services since its inception from the advocacy center.

“It let’s get to the truth of it and let’s handle this outside of that child being interviewed multiple times,” said Devinney. 

To the Children’s Home, where for some, their abuse is seen for the first time. 

“Abuse isn’t always visible, and that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening to a child that you may know,” said Bryn Murphy, Director of operations at Sunlight Children’s Services. “It’s important to have these resources in your community to serve those kids.” 

Sunlight Children’s Services can be the first step toward healing. 

The hope is that children will, “walk out of a courtroom with their dignity intact, to see them with their privacy still intact and to know that this child has gone through something horrible, to leave saying I’ve got a support system, and this is not going to define my life,” said Devinney. 

3 ways to support 

1. Clothing items for older teenagers. 

         Girls: Sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts, underwear, small through medium. 

         Boys: Clothing sized large and extra-large. 

2. Volunteer:

Contact Susan Uhlik: susan@sunlightkids.org or call 316-733-6700.

3. Make a donation:

Monetary or an item from their Amazon wish list.