WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Wichita Chapter of Quilts of Valor has given an estimated 3,000 to veterans since it started in 2004. It is a simple gesture with a life-changing impact.

“We’re giving them a thank you, we’re giving them a comfort,” said Lora Lagree, coordinator for the greater Wichita Quilts of Valor.

Comfort cloaked around a veteran.

“When you see and hear their stories, and you see the tears, and then you see the hugs, and you see the smiles, it grabs you right,” said Lagree

The gratitude shown to veterans is a stark contrast to the “welcome home” they once received.

“During the Vietnam time, people spit on you, but to come back and now have them say thank you, it’s huge,” said Jack Hezlep, a Quilts of Valor recipient.

The show of support came to Hezlep 46 years after he served in the Navy.

“You go about life, and you don’t think that people think much about what you do, and then you find out that there are people who really care,” said Hezlep.

The impact is powerful.

“Have somebody come back and say thank you can really drag people out of the depths,” said Hezlep.

The veteran in mind with each quilt pieced together.

“It’s the love that goes through every stitch that you’re doing,” said Lagree.

“This is a quilt, but it means so much more when you give it with love, and you give it with honor,” said Lagree.

Providing peace in exchange for comfort, these veterans have fought to preserve.

Quilts of Valor will also travel to a veteran if they are unable to come to a ceremony.

Three ways to support:

  1. Nominate a veteran
  2. Monetary donation
  3. Fabric Donation