WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Founded 22 years ago, the Kansas Braille Transcription Institute provides materials in Braille across the world.

They educate Braille transcribers and work to give the visually impaired independence.

Their latest efforts are working toward getting Braille American flags into Kansas schools.

“This American flag belongs to all of us,” said Randolph Cabral, the founder and executive director of the Kansas Braille Transcription Institute, KBTI.

Founding the non-profit is personal for Cabral, whose father lost his vision late in life.

“We were able to pioneer the first-ever Braille transcription program virtually, and today that program is used all over the world,” said Cabral.

A question from his mother, “You know how much your dad loved the American flag. Why didn’t you give him one that he could still see?” Cabral said, that sparked the creation of his Braille American flag.

“That’s probably the most significant things about this [flag]. It doesn’t require a huge amount of explanation to a blind person,” said Cabral.

He wants this version of the flag felt inside Kansas schools.

“Our community, our children in our community and our schools and libraries should have equal access to the American flag,” said Cabral.

“You walk into the lobby of a school, and you see it on the wall, it’s going to attract your attention, you’re going to go over there, and you’re going to want to touch it,” said Bob Hernandez, a volunteer with Kansas Braille Transcription Institute.

“That’s, I mean, that’s evoking feelings,” said Hernandez.

Old Glory is seen in a different way and for some the first time.

“How many people actually touch the American flag? This one begs to be touched,” said Cabral.

The KBTI version of the American flag became officially recognized in 2008 as the tactile Braille American flag.

It currently hangs in Arlington National Cemetery.

Three ways to support:

  1. Purchase a flag to be placed inside a Kansas School. Email info@kbti.org.
  2. Monetary donation
  3. Spread the word