WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Wichita Police Foundation, which started in 2006, provides additional tools for officers to do their jobs.

It’s the necessities not going to officers that have a large impact on the way they’re serving the community.

In this case, a knock on the door by police isn’t just a good thing, Pamela Witherspoon calls it’s a blessing.

“It would be something that not only myself but other people in the community would be able to be benefited from as well,” said Witherspoon.

She’s talking about the Wichita Police Foundation’s Random Acts of Kindness Program. They’re replacing her front and back doors. Something desperately needed.

“With the past cold weather, she was really having some issues with that,” said officer Shawn Thomas, Wichita Police Department Patrol North.

Officers send in referrals to help neighbors in need of basic necessities.

The program has provided people with a washer-dryer, refrigerator, air conditioner, and items as simple as a towel set.

“There’s many calls that I’ve gone to where I’ve seen that this citizen might have needed this thing which would mean a lot to them,” said officer Thomas.

For officers, they hope Random Acts of Kindness builds better relationships with the neighbors they serve.

“Let them know that we support them as much as they support us,” said officer Thomas.

As for Witherspoon, the oath from officers to protect and serve is now a little more personal.

“It’s always a good thought to see policemen policing our community and knowing that yeah know, in the time of need that they’re there to help and assist us in whatever way you need,” said Witherspoon.

Random Acts of Kindness is funded through community partners, including businesses and people across Wichita. The foundation has several ways for people to get involved.