WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Companies are understaffed, and hiring candidates who bring different strengths can be an untapped resource.

Starkey’s employment match program helps clients with job preparation, including applications and training.

For one team at Prost, it’s having an impact on company culture.

Co-workers can impact our entire day.

“At Prost, we really are kind of a family restaurant,” said Austin “AJ” English, the kitchen manager at Prost.

It is a sentiment holding true for AJ and Brandon.

“We’re good friends; we don’t work as much as we have fun and goof around,” AJ said.

Twice a week, Brandon arrives, ready to work.

“He’s a phenomenal worker, all jokes aside, all fun aside,” AJ said.

The success is ensured by Starkey, with the help of job coaches.

“They go with them to actually learn the expectation of the job and support the person in their new role,” said Jaime Reed, director of communications at Starkey.

For families, it is a dream that has turned into reality.

“Some of them say we never thought this was possible, and here he or she is, and they’re thriving and earning money and more independent,” Reed said.

“It’s a great program to be able to explore new revenues that you wouldn’t really imagine, and it pays off very well,” AJ said.

Businesses not sure if someone from Starkey would be a good fit can be an assessment sight.
That’s where clients from Starkey can try out a job to get a better understanding of what type of work they would like to do.

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