BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — Have you ever wanted to paint with alpacas? Perhaps, you are looking to pet some goats or escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Lazy Moon Ranch in Augusta may be the perfect spot for you to unwind.

Courtesy: Lazy Moon Ranch

The family-owned hobby farm, situated about 15 miles east of Wichita, boasts numerous animals, including chickens, donkeys, alpacas, goats, and sheep.

“Giving them (visitors) an opportunity to be around the animals and you know to come out here and enjoy the outdoor activities and that sort of thing, that’s really what we really kind of strive for, that’s what we kind of developed it form,” said Lazy Moon Ranch Owner Jerramy Pankratz.

Jerramy and his wife, Erin, registered the ranch as an agritourism spot in 2021, officially welcoming the public to their 10-acre oasis.

“That opened up a lot of interest,” Jerramy said. “We started to get people reaching out, even out of state. They were interested in just coming out and visiting, so that’s where a lot of people, most it has been word-of-mouth or social media for us is how it has kind of spread.”

In recent months, the ranch has started hosting private parties, painting with alpaca events, and even family reunions.

“Just anybody that reaches out to us, they can come out and just experience animals, and it’s just neat to see, you know, adults and kids how their faces light up when they see an animal and just seeing that animal may help them open up about maybe something that they’re going through. It becomes a doorway for people to maybe get in touch with their community and maybe make another connection with somebody,” said Erin.

Courtesy: Lazy Moon Ranch

Animals are not the only attraction on the ranch. There are also many yard games, a playground, and a mercantile. Many of the goods inside the mercantile are created by the Pankratz family and other local artists.

“The crosses I make. I like to make them out of things I find like baling wire, barbed wire, rusty nails, any sort of hardware. It’s nice to repurpose it and see how it might look in a different environment,” Erin explained.

Erin works on the ranch full-time. She and Jerramy enjoy and look forward to sharing their passion for animals and art for years to come.

Lazy Moon Ranch is located at 11296 SW 104th Terrace in Augusta. For information on scheduling a visit, you can email the ranch at lmoonranch@gmail.com or call 316-258-1241.