WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A new, unique painting class dedicated to expecting mothers is gaining popularity in Wichita.

Similar to paint and sip classes, ICT Baby Bump Studio offers expecting mothers and their friends and family an opportunity to celebrate pregnancy. Rather than drinking wine, mocktails are served. The canvas is the expecting mother’s belly.

“You bring your friend and family member and they can paint on your belly. That way it’s like a bonding experience for everyone with the baby,” said ICT Baby Bump Studio Owner Raven Kirkendoll.

How does it work?

Kirkendoll offers a variety of pictures, ranging from holiday-inspired art to spiderwebs and animals for people to paint. Once an expecting mother chooses what she would like, Kirkendoll gives the painters step-by-step directions.

“Literally, you don’t need any skills. I make it easy for them. Sometimes, I even make templates to get them started, something they can trace around and we build around,” Kirkendoll explained. “I like to see it because people have different spins on it. They use different colors. They get creative and put their own things in it. It never really turns out exactly alike.”

KSN had the opportunity to sit in on a private painting session. Mother Jessica Frock chose to have Kirkendoll paint an angel on her stomach.

“We chose the angel because we didn’t know that I could have babies anymore, so she is kind of our miracle baby,” said Frock.

Frock, who has a 12-year-old son, described the painting experience as relaxing; a time to spend quality time with her child ahead of her birth.

“It’s good for the baby and you can bond,” Frock said. “This is definitely a really cool piece to put in her baby book.”

More than a painting

Just like any piece of art, Kirkendoll told KSN each baby bump piece represents the beauty of pregnancy, the transformation of a woman’s body to bring new life to the world.

“Every pregnancy and every single body is beautiful and celebrating who they are,” explained Kirkendoll.

Kirkendoll’s hope is that each person who leaves her studio leaves with a piece that reflects their unique pregnancy journey.

“I hope that they feel a little more connected to their family and friends that they bring with them as well as being able to focus on the new life they are creating and feel a sense of joy about it and also celebrate the transformation they are going through and realize that no pregnancy is one in the same,” she said.

“It’s just a really good memory. I think it’s something that needs to be, like she said, hopefully, one day there will be studios in different places so people can have this experience,” Frock said.