SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — Big Brother Big Sisters of Kansas (BBBS) helps hundreds of youth facing adversity by matching them with an adult mentor to help them grow in life. The longest BBBS match in Kansas and Sedgwick County is 16 years strong.

Robert Estrada Jr. was just six years old when he met his big brother, Philip Snell.

Estrada Jr. said he had no clue he was getting a brother, but for Snell, this was a way for him to get involved in Wichita after moving to town for a job.

“A little baffling when I think about it now, here we are 16 years later,” said Little brother Robert Estrada Jr.

The pair’s first time together was to grab food about 16 years ago.

Flash forward to 2023, Estrada Jr. is 22 years old, and Snell is now married with five kids.

“He is really a part of our family,” said Big brother Philip Snell.

The duo has spent the years going to concerts and enjoying sports.

Snell even helped Estrada Jr. budget for his first car.

“I don’t think I would have imagined doing that when we first got matched,” said Snell.

Both teach each other life lessons along the way.

“Like having a strong sense of right and wrong, I got to learn from Phil, and I’m really thankful for that,” said Estrada Jr.

“Little hints of what it is going to be like to be a dad someday, seeing him from being six years old to seeing him in his teenage years,” said Snell.

Snell said Estrada Jr. has grown, matured, and stayed his fun-loving self.

And Estrada Jr. said Snell has grown into a great leader.

Together building a strong bond.

“That becomes the reward in of itself,” said Snell.

“I would not be who I am today without him,” said Estrada Jr.

Snell said being a Big gives you the chance to help provide a consistent and stable relationship with your Little that can be a source of positivity.

If you’re interested in becoming a Big, you can learn more here.

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