SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — For seven years, two small businesses have connected their customers with a unique workout, paddleboard yoga.

Flatwater Fitness and Fun and Limitless Yoga Studio put on paddleboard yoga in south-central Kansas multiple times a summer.

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“Just two amazing things, and you put them together, and it gets even better,” said Limitless Yoga Studio owner Kelsea Wright.

Yogis switch out their yoga mat for a paddle board.

“It’s fun to expose them to paddleboarding, what it is and all the ways you can fit it into your life,” said Flatwater Fitness and Fun owner Katherine Wallace.

Once everyone is suited up with their board and safety gear, they head out on the water.

The boards are anchored down, and the yogis work their way up from laying down to standing in different stretches and poses.

“I tell everybody that if you don’t fall in at least once, you’re not trying hard enough,” said Wright. “Regardless of how good you are at paddleboarding, maybe you’ve done it your whole life and you’re amazing at it, or if you’ve done yoga your whole life and you’re amazing at it. But when you put the two together, it’s like you’re a brand new student.”

It’s a popular class known to sell out, but it’s been one of the hardest years for Flatwater Fitness and Fun to keep people on the water.

“It has been a rough year for us with the lake conditions and the drought and the low water levels,” said Wallace.

Blue-green algae also add to the difficulties, causing classes and training sessions for most of July.

“Really brought to light the importance of partnering with small business to small business and bringing those communities together,” said Wallace.

Normally, Flatwater Fitness and Fun is at Santa Fe Lake, but they’ve had to move to other private lakes and pools this summer to avoid the blue-green algae.

Businesses like Limitless Yoga Studio continue to lend a helping hand.

“I’ve had so many reach out small businesses that we work with reach out and say, ‘How can we help? Where can we get you on the water to bring you business and keep that connection going instead of just shutting down,'” said Wallace.

Despite the waves, dozens still hit the water this summer.

“Just to have the waves underneath you and sounds around it is just like a whole other level of bliss,” said Wright.

You still have a chance to enjoy paddleboard yoga before the summer finishes.

ICT Yoga Fest is on Sept. 15 and 16 at the Wichita Boathouse.

Paddleboard yoga will be on the Arkansas River.

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