WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – First responders wake up each day with no idea of what their work day will involve. Often, their days are filled with tragedy, but this summer, Sedgwick County paramedics had a couple of days that left smiles on their faces.

Two babies arrived sooner than expected. First responders made sure everyone was safe regardless of the delivery circumstances.

A’lylamora Mejia

Teleisia Mejia was experiencing contractions the day prior, beginning at 9:30 a.m. She went to the hospital twice and was sent home each time because she was not dilating. Around 7:50 a.m. the next day, her water broke in her bed.

Teleisia’s mother called for an ambulance. Teleisia was not crowning yet, so she was put into the ambulance in an effort to get her to the hospital. She didn’t even make it into the hospital before her baby arrived.

Teleisia had her baby, A’lylamora Mejia, in the ambulance.

“I did want to go to the hospital, but she just had her own plans,” laughed Teleisia. “She wanted to come how she wanted to.”

Happy and healthy.

“I’m just thankful that she’s here and she’s safe,” said Teleisia.

Teleisia Mejia, Isaiah James, and their daughter A’lylamora Mejia (KSN Photo)

Ezri Cardenas

Kelsey Benton and her wife Neva have been friends with Amy Cardenas for years. Amy was diagnosed with endometriosis early in life and had a hysterectomy before she got married to her husband, John Cardenas. Kelsey was happy to donate her egg and carry the child for her friend.

The baby was expected to arrive on Aug. 15 but decided that was too long of a wait.

In July, Kelsey told Neva that they needed to go to the hospital. When Kelsey stood up, she realized that they weren’t going to make it. They went into the bathroom anticipating a home birth.

John and Amy arrived to find Kelsey in the bathtub with Neva, and 10 or more people, including police, EMS, firefighters, and doulas.

“Baby came out. They helped facilitate the cutting of the cord doing all that. The dad got to cut the cord, and it was such a unique situation being with a surrogacy and at home. So they handled that so well. Coming in and not knowing anything about our situation,” said Kelsey.

Both families rode to the hospital in the ambulance, and the doctors told them Ezri was born healthy.

From left to right: Neva, Kelsey Benton, Ezri Cardenas, Amy Cardenas, and John Cardenas (Courtesy: Kelsey Benton)

Thank you, paramedics

The two new lives were delivered with the help of paramedics.

“We got there right in time. A couple of minutes later, we introduced – or helped introduce – a baby into the world,” said paramedics Captain Rachael Johnson and Haley Hodgin.

“We started transporting her to the hospital, and before we were able to make it. We ended up assisting her in delivering her baby,” said paramedics Captain Andy Schepis and Grant Geddeis.

Paramedics are trained for any emergency.

“Whether it’s someone having a heart attack or a stroke or delivering a baby, I just enjoy being there for someone,” said Capt. Schepis and Geddeis.

“The timing was just impeccable. I felt like it was just like we were meant to be there,” said Capt. Johnson and Hodgin.

It was a change of pace from their daily routine.

“Most of the time, obviously, it’s for kind of sad times. So being able to be there for delivering a baby during a happy time is actually one of the highlights of my career,” said Capt. Johnson and Hodgin.

Two women are sharing the experience of new life.

Everyone who was involved received another special gift.

Stork Coins were created this year to give providers something to commemorate the accomplishment of successful delivery. Sedgwick County EMS also sends a coin to the family along with a congratulations letter.

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