HILL CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — A Hill City mom was in for a big surprise on Mother’s Day when her daughter found her missing wedding ring.

“I automatically pick it up, and I show my mom, and my mom runs over to me and grabs my arm and is like ‘Give it to me,'” laughed Annalise Albrecht.

Annalise and her fiance were preparing her mom’s flower bed on May 8 when she pulled a weed, and out came something shiny.

Sara Albrecht hugs husband with found ring in hand. Courtesy: Sara Albrecht

“I went to go rake it up, and I was like, ‘No way!'” she exclaimed. “All of a sudden, a ring flipped in the weeds, and I found her wedding ring.”

Annalise’s mom, Sara Albrecht, lost the 25-year-old ring while gardening nine years ago.

“I just always had this feeling that it had to be there. Every year when I replant flowers, I look,” said Sara.

Sara went as far as to use a metal detector to try and find her ring, but she never had any luck.

“I always had high hopes, but I was coming to a realization that I am never going to find it again,” she said.

Sara said she was in disbelief when Annalise made the find.

“All she was doing was screaming, holding this thing up. My dad really thought someone got hurt, so he started running to the front of the house,” Annalise explained. “She seriously put it on as soon after she showed dad, and then it still had all the dirt caked in all the creases ane everything, and she is like, ‘It looks a little dirty, but I am not cleaning it. I am not taking it off yet.'”

Sara did eventually take it off and clean it. She claims it’s as good as new. It appears just as it did in 2013 when she lost saw it.

“I had a friend on my Facebook post that said now those are the kinds of carats you want to find in the garden,” laughed Sara.