WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Food, good company, and music are bringing Wichitans together in an organic and meaningful way.

“The idea of the whole thing is just have a tailgate with our friends,” said God N’ Dogs volunteer Max Genilo.

God N’ Dogs is made up of members from churches around Wichita. The group serves a free meal to people from all walks of life once a week. The goal is to create change on the streets of Wichita by creating real relationships.

“We have hot dogs. They are not the best, ha, but that’s not necessarily what it’s about. The food brings people together and the act of being together is really what this is running on,” Genilo said.

Angel Clements attends the tailgate regularly.

“Pretty much everything. Without them, we would starve,” Clements said.

Clements and her husband used to be homeless. Thanks to HumanKind Ministries, the couple has their own place, however, she has not forgotten how vital God N’ Dogs is in the community.

“Without them, we would probably wither and die without food,” she said.

Volunteers told KSN they do not serve the food for the praise. They do it because they want to.

“I figure one night a week for the two hours we are out here or whatever is nothing compared to what they do 24-7,” said volunteer Kristie. “It’s just a good thing to give back and help the community a little bit, make friends.”

“I grew up in the suburbs so just being able to come down and encounter someone different than me. I am a Christian, so it gives me a fuller image of who I think Jesus is and these people down here I realize are very similar to me although our upbringings are very different. It just humbles me,” Genilo said.

God N’ Dogs has been hosting tailgates for about eight years.

Recently, other services have joined in including ICT Street Team which offers free medical service to the people in attendance.

The tailgate takes place every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the parking lot of 330 N Broadway.