WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – You may remember meeting Ryder last year, the young Wichita boy being treated at St. Jude for a non-cancerous brain mass. His sharp clothes and even sharper wit make him hard to forget.

In 2020, Ryder told us he wears a suit and tie to his treatments at St. Jude because it makes him not feel as sick.

Now nine years old, Ryder graduated to St. Jude visits every six months to keep an eye on his brain, but his tumor is stable. Since last year, Ryder got a new dog, named Quigley. He keeps busy with piano lessons, gymnastics, tae kwon do and recently landed a solo in a school play.

“Life has gone back to normal,” mom Laura said.

Ryder was asked recently what he tells other kids on their first time at St. Jude.

“Trust that you’re gonna be okay,” he responded.

Mom Laura echoes, “I remember he said, ‘relax and they’re going to take care of you.”

While at St. Jude, Ryder and family took cooking classes with other patients. He brought one of his favorite recipes back home to share:

Last year, Ryder used his style to pick out the furniture to virtually stage the dream home.

Fewer than 700 tickets for this year’s home remain, as of Wednesday morning. Reserve your ticket for the 2021 St. Jude Dream Home by calling 800-834-5760 or by visiting dreamhome.org.