WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Sedgwick County Zoo announced on Facebook Wednesday that they have welcomed an endangered Guam kingfisher.

The chick’s name is Poki, which means pleasantly chubby in the native language of the Mariana Islands, according to the Zoo.

The chick is the first one to have hatched at the SCZ.

“She’s a female in a very male-heavy population. So, any female is really important. And our birds have never bred before, so their genetics have not really been represented. Overall, we’re just so excited about this whole thing.” said Zoological Manager Emma.

The Zoo says Guam kingfishers are extinct in the wild.

“For years, they have been reared in zoos with the goal of one day releasing their species back into their native habitat,” said the SCZ. “Thankfully, there is progress being made towards this goal with the planned experimental release of Guam kingfishers on the Palmyra Atoll.”

Read more on the Zoo’s website.