WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Arthur, a special needs cat, has been up for adoption since July 11 at the Kansas Humane Society (KHS) and is looking for a caring home.

He is orange, 5 months old, weighs 3 pounds, medium-sized, neutered and is currently in a foster home with other cats.

Arthur is considered special needs because he is a paraplegic.

“This means that he has full paralysis of his back legs, so he drags his legs instead of walking,” the KHS said.

Because he is paraplegic, he is also incontinent and does not have any control of his bladder or bowels.

“This means that he has to have his bladder expressed every 4-5 hours,” said the KHS. “Don’t let that scare you! Expressing a bladder is very easy to learn!”

Due to Arthur’s needs, his adoptee will have to have a flexible schedule to be able to express his bladder and bowels throughout the day.

The KHS also states that when Arthur is out playing, he will need to wear a diaper.

“It is not recommended that he stays in a diaper 24/7 due to the increased chance of UTI and skin infection,” the KHS says. “This means he will need to have a space of his own in your home to be diaper-free.”

Arthur can be visited but cannot be taken home the same day if he is adopted. The KHS says a vet check and home check will be required prior to taking him home.

His adoption fee is $75.

To see pictures of Arthur, click here.

For more information, call the KHS at 316-524-9196.