Tonight, NFL legend Peyton Manning takes the reins as host of NBC’s revamped version of the throwback quiz show “Capital One College Bowl.”

Quiz shows and their contestants looked a lot different in the 1960s and one that spotlighted college students is getting a makeover with Peyton Manning as host.

“I feel the most pressure trying to just pronounce some of these words correctly,” said Peyton.

Some of the nation’s top collegiate rivals will square off in the “Capital One College Bowl.”

Vying for their share of a total of one million dollars in scholarship money.

“It’s a game-changer,” said Peyton. “And it’s powerful. And I’m just honored to be a part of something like that.”

Manning’s older brother Cooper is also taking part.

“They know a lot of things,” said Cooper. “They just don’t know a lot of things that I know. And I’m trying to educate them in my own secret way.”

“Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much,” said Cooper.

A style change from the show’s vintage predecessor.

“That was a little drier than this version, I would say, we tried to juice it up a little bit, add some levity, add some fun,” said Cooper.

Fortunately, the players know their stuff.

“There’s a lot on these kids,” said Peyton. “And they’re, they’re calm they’re cool. They’re extremely intelligent, but they are having fun.”

Giving it the old college try.

“Capital One College Bowl” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m., right after “America’s Got Talent.”

And if you’re wondering about the third manning brother, former NFL quarterback Eli Manning, he didn’t get completely left out of the fun. He has an executive producer title on the show and you will see him make a brief appearance at one point during the season.