Casey Hart, husband to pop singer Pink, recently shared on social media that he is teaching his children to use firearms.

In a video and series of photos posted on Instagram earlier this month, the motocross competitor stated that he is a “firm believer” in teaching children to properly shoot and handle firearms.

“No better sound than the bullet of your kids [sic] gun plucking a steel target at 30 yards,” he wrote in the post.

Hart says his 9-year-old daughter Willow is “getting seriously good with the rifle and handling of a firearm.”

He also said that his son, Jameson, 3, “absolutely loves shooting!”

Hart continued to say that the rate at which his kids are processing the handling of firearms makes him proud.

Hart’s post was met with both controversy and support.

“This doesn’t strike me as a kids activity…not at all,” one Instagram user commented. “Yr [sic] son is 3 or 4 at most and learning to shoot a gun?”

“I was taught young, started about 5. By the time I joined the military I earned my expert medal. It’s all how you teach your kiddos. Your [sic] doing a great thing. Your [sic] great parents!” wrote another.