(NBC) — It’s the Season 21 semifinals Monday night live on “The Voice” on NBC, the remaining eight artists will vie for five spots in next week’s finale.

Team Kelly’s 14-year-old Hailey Mia is one of eight artists singing tonight for a spot in next week’s finale.

“It’s just getting more real and real every single day,” said Mia. “And rehearsals, like everything is just so intense.”

Team Kelly’s sibling trio “Girl Named Tom” is also still in the chase.

“This has been such a magical ride already,” said Caleb Liechty of “Girl Named Tom.”

And Team Ariana’s father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen hope to stick around.

“The reason is not to win ‘The Voice,’ but just to win another week with these amazing people,” said the elder Allen.

Joshua Vacanti’s one of two for John Legend aiming at next week.

“It would be a really magical and special way to close out this wonderful, beautiful chapter,” said Vacanti.

Legend’s other artist has hopes after an instant save.

“Hard work pays off and just stay consistent,” said Jershika Maple. “And you never know what will come after that.”

Wendy Moten’s primed for tonight, despite a broken elbow and fractured wrist.

“My hands are like weights,” said  Moten “And, but it’s not enough to distract me from just performing.”

And no distraction for Paris Winningham; his eye’s on the prize.

“Do I have the trophy yet?” said Winningham. “I don’t have the trophy yet. Ain’t nothing to celebrate.”

The celebration for Lana Scott is that she still has a shot.

“I’m not using the word surreal anymore …. It, it feels real,” said Scott.

Even more so, starting tonight.

In addition to their solo performance tonight, all the artists will sing a ’90s era duet with one of their fellow semifinalists.

“The Voice” airs tonight at 7 p.m., followed by Michael Buble’s holiday special, “Christmas in the City” on KSN.