(NBC) — Life after the military can take people on many paths. For Caitlin Bassett, it took her to a co-starring role on NBC’s “Quantum Leap.”

Leaping back in time into the body and life of another person is the central idea of “Quantum Leap,” and series co-star, Bassett, can relate to that out-of-body feeling.

“I’m never gonna stop having ‘pinch me’ moments because I’ve lived lives previously to this,” said Bassett. “And it’s never going to stop feeling amazing.”

Those previous lives included seven years as an intelligence analyst for both the U.S. Army and National Security Agency, including two deployments to Afghanistan.

“My basic job was to gather as much information as I could and give it to the people who needed it the most in a way that they could understand and use,” said Bassett.

That’s similar to what Bassett’s character, Addison, does. She’s the fiancée of time-jumping scientist Ben Song, and her hologram provides him with information.

“It’s insane that that is happening again,” said Bassett. “My new life as Addison, It’s bonkers that that parallel has existed.”

Even more bonkers, “Quantum Leap” is Bassett’s professional debut after several years of acting studies.

“You would think that she’s been doing this for her whole life,” said co-star Raymond Lee. “She’s an incredible talent and insanely smart.”

“Ray could have been unhappy that he was kind of saddled with a rookie,” said Bassett. “He’s been so gracious and so kind and has never once made me feel like, ‘Oh, God, here we go.’”

And that’s helping Bassett’s career leap pay off.

Bassett had tried law school immediately after the military before deciding she wanted to do something “more creative.”

“Quantum Leap” airs Monday at 9 p.m., right after “The Voice,” fans of the series will be happy to know NBC has picked it up for the entire season.