Gallery: Severe weather moves through Kansas Monday night

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Clouds in Canton, from Matt Wintermote

Heather Hickman sent this picture of Hail in Lewis Monday night.

Logan Fulbright took this shot of the storms seen from Derby.

Nikki Taylor took this photo of the storm near Garfield.

Some of the hail in McPherson, from Justin Bryson.

Hail in Larned, from Shanda Carlson Perez

Steve Gray sent this photo taken north of McPherson Monday night.

Leslie Ratliff sent this photo from Dickinson County.

Various sizes of hail that fell in Larned, from Ryan Webster.

Hail in Great Bend, from Linda Burr-Cannon.

Darren Whalen took this shot of the storm over Abilene.

Rain falling in Abilene, from Tim Lytle.

Storm clouds near Larned, from Amy Aichele.

Clouds over Larned, from Myrna

Hail knocked leaves out of a tree in Smolan, covering a car. Photo from Kricket Anderson.

Hail in Smolan, from John Noeller

Hail in Larned, from Natalie Spain

Natalie Spain took pictures of the hail near Larned.

Jonathan Hayden sent this storm photo that he took 2 miles west of Radium.

Barry Fleischmann of Great Bend sent us this photo of hail

Lisa Dimmit sent this photo of a wall cloud.

Vivian Bahr sent this photo of hail near Hutchinson.

Austin Sumner took this great photo in Dickinson County around 5:00 p.m. Monday.

Photo courtesy Kansas City Storm Chasers

Marie Moses sent this photo of storms near Coronado Heights near Lindsborg.

Storms rolling into Abilene, KS Monday night (Photo courtesy Darren Whalen)

Clouds over Great Bend, around 5:30 p.m., from Ruby Bujanda.